My Gums Are Covering My Teeth, What Should I Do?

My Gums Are Covering My Teeth

You may think that your pearly whites are the end-all, be-all of your smile, but this isn’t the case. You can’t have a gorgeous grin without well-shaped gums to frame your teeth. Furthermore, disproportionate gums can make it more difficult to eat, drink, speak, and clean your teeth. At Dr. Cindy Flanagan’s Houston dental practice, we’re committed to helping our patients improve their oral health and enhance the beauty of their smiles. We often assist patients who are concerned about the look, feel, and health of their periodontal tissue. Dr. Flanagan is available to answer your questions, diagnose the condition of your gums, and create a customized treatment plan to help you. In the following blog, we answer the question: “what should I do if my gums are covering my teeth?”

Do You Have a Gum Conundrum?

Does it seem like your gums are overgrown, or perhaps that your teeth are too small? Having a “gummy” smile can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, affecting your personal and professional life. There are a few reasons your gums may appear to cover too much of your teeth:

  • Genetics. Your gums may have simply grown this way. This condition is often hereditary.
  • Orthodontic issues. Misalignment, improper eruption, and other oral structural issues can cause this to occur with one or more of your teeth.
  • Gum disease. If your gums seem excessively prominent, it may be because they are inflamed due to infection. If this is the case, Dr. Flanagan and our team can help you treat your periodontal disease to restore your smile.

Regardless of the cause for your gums covering your teeth, our Houston dental practice can help you improve the health and aesthetics of your mouth.

Introducing Gingival Contouring

To refine your gum line and boost the beauty of your smile, you might turn to a little-known but powerful procedure: gingival contouring. As WebMD explains, “if your gums rest too low…on your teeth and you are unhappy with your smile, you may be a candidate for gum contouring surgery.” While this treatment is primarily performed for aesthetic reasons, it may also be a “part of other necessary periodontal procedures,” depending on the condition of your gums.

The process of gingival contouring is relatively simple, but must be done with a skilled and even artful approach for ideal results. First, Dr. Flanagan will thoroughly assess your gums to ensure that you qualify for the treatment and are free from gum disease. Next, we will “use a pen and draw a line to mark the new gum line” so you understand what to expect and can approve our plans. When you are ready to begin the procedure, we will use a local anesthetic for your comfort and use sophisticated tools to carefully remove the surplus gum tissue covering your teeth. After your gingival contouring, you’ll most likely need to take the day to recover and then treat your gums gently for the next few days or weeks until they are fully healed.

Complementary Treatments

In many cases, Dr. Flanagan recommends combining cosmetic procedures for outstanding results. Gingival contouring goes exceptionally well with porcelain veneers, since we can reshape the gums to suit the new coverings for your teeth, instantly giving you a brand new smile. It can also be performed alongside teeth whitening, along with the placement of stunning dental crowns, or as a complement to Invisalign orthodontia. Dr. Flanagan can create a customized cosmetic treatment plan when you come and see us for a consultation.

Do Your Gums Cover Your Teeth?

You don’t have to feel embarrassed of your smile or live with unhealthy gums! Contact our Houston dental practice today to learn more and schedule an appointment with Dr. Flanagan.

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