What kind of Teeth do Aliens have? Find out on World UFO Day


July 2, 2014 is World UFO Day.  Are you a believer? You don’t have to be. World UFO Day is simply a time to look up into the sky, and, according event organizers, “collectively open [our] minds…..that UFO’s are welcome on this earth.”

Do Aliens have teeth?

That got all of us on the Cindy Flanagan Team thinking. Do UFOs exist? And if they do, what kind of teeth do aliens have? Of course, we are especially curious. After all, NASA is our next door neighbor, we decided to do the sociable thing and ask them. Here’s what they told us: NASA is committed to space exploration and discovery, but they have never officially encountered aliens.

However, NASA scientists believe that aliens, if they do exist, have no teeth at all. Why? Because they are superior life forms. Long ago, they overcame evolutionary shortcomings and did away with the need for teeth. They no longer have to worry about twice daily brushing and flossing. Nor do they don’t have to worry about crooked, yellow teeth or dental decay.

But you do

Aliens don’t brush or floss, but us humans still need our teeth. But there’s good news. The second best thing to alien dental superiority is Cindy Flanagan, DDS. Her office has state-of-the art technology. Treatment rooms are furnished with comfortable chairs outfitted with intraoral cameras. This allows patients to view their progress as the Flanagan Team gently performs procedures.

We’re Cutting Edge

We also use non-invasive dental tools which provide a pain-free experience and eliminate patient discomfort. We’re light years ahead on dental technology!

Mercury? True, it’s a planet, the smallest and closest to the Sun, but at our office it’s obsolete. We use amalgam materials to fill dental cavities. We also use digital radiologic pictures. This is much safer than conventional x-rays that other dentists use. We reduce patient exposure to radiation by up to 90%

Cindy Flanagan, DDS is the Captain James T. Kirk of Dentistry

Dr. Cindy Flanagan is a board certified dentist with credentials from the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. She stays up to date on the latest dental technology to ensure her patient’s receive the best possible care.

How should you celebrate?

World UFO Day organizers suggest many ways to celebrate this day, including watching UFO movies. Here at Cindy Flanagan, DDS, we have other ideas. Since the human race has teeth unlike aliens, be sure to brush and floss your teeth twice daily. You should also contact Cindy Flanagan, DDS today to schedule your earthly twice annual dental check up by clicking here.

Image Source: openclipart.org/detail/20150/ufo-in-cartoon-style-by-rg1024

Original Source: https://flanagansmiles.com/dental-technology/kind-teeth-aliens-find-world-ufo-day/

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