State-of-the-art, Pain-Free Dental Practice

Is it merely coincidental that Cindy Flanagan, DDS is located so close to NASA, the very heart of our nation’s space and aeronautic industry? We don’t think so!  That’s because Dr. Cindy Flanagan offers comprehensive dental care using the latest cutting-edge dental technology.

Rocket Science Dentistry 

Dentistry is an old profession, even ancient civilizations as far back as 7000 BC practiced primitive forms of oral surgery.  No one would doubt that we’ve come a long way with standards of care since then. Yet one barrier still exists—the fear of visiting a dentist.

Not anymore. At Cindy Flanagan, DDS we’ve crossed the futuristic threshold!

A Dental Utopia

We’re at the forefront of the patient comfort revolution. Treatment rooms are furnished with plush, comfortable chairs. Intraoral cameras and viewing screens are provided so patients can understand their diagnosis and monitor their progress. You won’t be wondering what sort of tinkering is taking place inside your mouth. Now you’ll know.

Cindy Flanagan, DDS uses non-invasive tools that provide a pain-free experience and eliminate patient discomfort.

Is your dentist still using an electric drill?  Do you remember a jarring, vibrating sensation every time your teeth were worked on? At Cindy Flanagan, DDS that’s a thing of the past. We use high-torque hand pieces that can operate at speeds of up to 800,000 rpm. This allows for greater precision and efficiency, and the resultant sensation is barely perceptible.

Pioneering technology

Cindy Flanagan, DDS also relies on laser instrumentation for many of our dental procedures. Lasers emit both wavelength erbium pulses and monochromatic light so that hard and soft surfaces in the oral cavity may be gently ablated. What does this mean for you? This refined method of dentistry feels touch-free, greatly reducing patient pain and anxiety. Lasers also minimize bleeding and soft tissue swelling, expediting recovery time. Their precision also helps preserve healthy gums and tooth enamel.

Digital radiographic technology is used to ensure maximum visualization of your oral cavity. This is much faster and safer than conventional x-rays other dentists use, and reduces patient exposure to radiation by 90%.

Space Age Sterilization

Cindy Flanagan, DDS sets the standard for patient protection. Dental safety compliance rules are lengthy and constantly changing, but at our office we’re one step ahead. Cindy Flanagan, DDS follows all guidelines outlined by both the American Dental Association and the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration. In fact, we implemented many infectious disease protocols and safety precautions before federal regulators mandated change. We’re committed to providing absolute patient safety in our Houston dental practice.

Trust the captain of the ship

Dr. Cindy Flanagan is a board certified dentist with credentials from the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. She stays up to date on the latest dental technology to ensure her patient’s receive the best possible care. Nationally recognized as a quality practitioner, she has contributed to articles on innovative dental technology in both Glamour and Good Housekeeping.

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