How to Carve The Mouth on a Pumpkin – What Teeth Options Are Out There?

Girl in hat and scarf showing jack-o-lantern

Halloween isn’t the same without a carved pumpkin placed on your front porch, setting the perfect spooky atmosphere for approaching trick-or-treating kids. The pumpkin’s eyes, mouth, and teeth are a critical part of the lantern that completes the overall look.

Teeth can be carved out, bought from shops, or online stores. Buying teeth adds more features that make your carving more interesting. Some teeth glow in the dark, while others have braces and dental crowns. Whatever you choose depends on the preferred look you want to get. Below are some pointers on how to achieve that perfect look.

Carving Out the Teeth and Eyes

You can carve out whatever shape you desire from a pumpkin and add artificial teeth later. Alternatively you can carve out the teeth from the pumpkin itself. The latter is a better option when you want a more traditional look.

You will also need a sharp knife. It should be sharp enough to enable you to cut out shapes with ease. The easier it is to cut out the shapes, the neater the final artwork will look.

You may also need templates if you want to make a lantern design. There are templates you can download online in PDF format and print them out at home. These designs are often drawn to correspond to a certain scale, so you may need to find one that is the right size for your pumpkin.

Choosing a Pumpkin

To make the best Halloween lantern, you will need to start out with a good pumpkin. Shape and color will be factors you’ll need to keep in mind when shopping for one. Try and find one that has a consistent color and no markings or discoloration. This is important because it will affect the final result.

When you get home, soak it in water until you are ready to cut out the shapes. Soaking it in water will ensure that it retains moisture. Cutting out the shapes can be a challenge if you haven’t done it before. There are tool kits that are designed to make it easier.

The tool kit typically comes with tools like a saw, a scraper, and a drill. It may also come with a template for cutting out the shapes, or an instruction manual which can make the whole process much easier for you. There are also many videos on YouTube that will guide you on how to do it properly.

Buying Teeth

The teeth that are commercially available are often plastic teeth. They are either plain colored plastic or glow in the dark set. They come in different styles such as buck and fang style teeth. It all depends on whether you want a more menacing and horrific look or just a cute jack-o-lantern for Halloween. They also come in different colors, and most of the sets are usually under ten bucks.

Making a jack-o-lantern can be fun. You can involve the whole family and especially your kids, who will enjoy making a creepy and festive pumpkin that will be the envy of their friends and neighbors.

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