Houston Bridal Extravaganza Show: The Perfect Wedding Starts with a Perfect Smile

BrideThis year the Houston Bridal Extravaganza show is July 19th-20th at the George R. Brown Center. It’s one of the largest events in the country, featuring hundreds of vendors, free giveaways, prizes and at least ten different runway shows.  But for soon-to-be brides, the most important thing you need for your wedding isn’t available at the event.

We’re talking about fixing your teeth.  They’re more crucial than money spent on cakes, caterers or dresses. If you really want fantastic memories of a lifetime you want to look amazing on your special day.  But it won’t happen if your teeth are yellow or crooked, or you’re too afraid to smile during wedding photos.

Yellow Teeth, White Gown?

Your gown should NOT be whiter than your teeth! We use Zoom! Advanced Power Whitening system to turn dull yellow into sparkling white teeth. It’s one of the most advanced whitening systems available. Using a patented bleaching gel, Zoom! penetrates deep into the teeth, producing unparalleled results.  We guarantee you’ll leave the office with a smile that’s up to ten shades whiter than before.

Veneers for a Quick Fix

We’re cosmetic dentistry experts. And we understand that sometimes you don’t need a complete mouth make-over, just a touch up in time for your perfect day.  Veneers can help. These thin porcelain caps are fitted over your current teeth. They transform stained, crooked, and misaligned teeth into million dollar movie-star smiles. But they don’t cost a fortune to maintain. Veneers require minimal future dental care. All you need to do is continue your usual daily care of brushing and schedule routine dental checkups.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Your smile is perfect. Your teeth are white and perfectly aligned. The problem? Everyone can see the silver fillings in the back of your mouth. We’ve got the fix for that, too! Tooth colored fillings are expertly blended so that newer colors perfectly match your existing teeth.  You can open wide and smile widely all day long on your wedding day.


If your wedding is next year, don’t delay. Start now with Invisalign. These revolutionary dental trays can gradually straighten crooked teeth in less than 12 months. Aligners are custom made trays which gently straighten teeth without the awkward application of metal braces.  About every two weeks, patients wear a new tray that progressively moves teeth into the ideal alignment.

The Ultimate Wedding Gift

Your spouse-to-be knows you better than anyone, but does he know how much it would mean to have your teeth fixed in time for the wedding? Drop a little hint, and ask for the perfect wedding gift before the special day arrives. Brides to be—don’t’ forget! It’s the perfect gift for grooms, too. Contact Cindy Flanagan, DDS today.  And the best part? You’ll have a perfect smile for all those special anniversary dates, too.

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