World Environment Day Starts with Your Mouth!


June 5, 2014 is World Environment Day.  Sponsored by the United Nations in 1972, this day is celebrated by over 100 countries as a means of raising environmental awareness.  Today, do something positive for the planet.

One person can make a difference

Sometimes, creating meaningful change can seem likely an overwhelming prospect.  After all, what can one person to do truly make a difference? It turns out, one person can make a huge difference! At Cindy Flanagan, DDS we have some simple ideas you can practice every day to help make a smaller global footprint.

Reuse your Toothbrush

Most people should change out their toothbrush every three months. That’s because studies show that after only three months, toothbrushes become less effective at removing plaque and germs.  But don’t toss that brush in the trash. Instead reduce the landfill load by reusing your toothbrush.  Keep it around the house and use it for certain cleaning chores.  Old toothbrushes are great for buffing shoes. Add a little stain remover, and they can gently scrub out unwanted marks on clothing.  And for the creative people in your family, recycled toothbrushes are great for painting.

Shut off the Water

Here’s a shocking number. Depending on how high or low your water pressure is, an average of about two gallons of water comes out of your faucet every minute you leave it running. Next, factor in the amount of time it takes one to brush their teeth. Most dentists recommend at least two minutes of brushing twice a day.  The math is pretty simple. If you don’t shut off the water when you’re brushing, you’re wasting four gallons. If you brush twice as a day (and you should be), you’re wasting eight gallons of water per day.  That comes out to nearly 3000 gallons of water down the drain per year! The solution is easy. Make sure you shut off the water while you’re brushing your teeth.

Reusable cups

Plastic or paper disposable cups are out. What’s in? Reusable cup to should be used to help rinse your mouth.

Recycle bottles

You should be regularly using dental floss and antiseptic mouth wash to improve your dental hygiene. Both floss and mouthwash come in plastic containers. This is a reusable material, so make sure your empty containers make to the recycling bin.

We’re Doing our Part

At Cindy Flanagan, DDS, we’re also doing our part to help the environment.  We are converting all patients to paperless patient charting.  We use no mercury for dental fillings and non-toxic cleaning materials to sterilize our instruments.  Find out more about what we are doing to reduce our footprint by coming in to visit us!

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