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Cindy Flanagan, DDS Supports American Red Cross Month

March is Red Cross Month and the Cindy Flanagan, DDS team salutes this important organization and its many contributions to citizens all over the United States, especially to those in the Houston community of southeastern Texas. A Long History of … Continue reading

How to Get the Most Money from the Tooth Fairy

Everyone knows fairy folk exist. They are not figments of the imagination, but actual beings with many different jobs. Some fairies help nature along by coaxing out the rainbow after a storm. They help the bees find pollen in flowers, and in … Continue reading

Wooden Teeth and Rubber Jaws? Fun Dental Facts About Our Presidents

Today is President’s Day and there are many ways to celebrate this special holiday! Spend the entire day reflecting on noble American ideals as exemplified by our nation’s 44 leaders. Or enjoy the benefits of the day by heading to your local … Continue reading

A Carefree Childhood Starts with Good Teeth! February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM). Every year the American Dental Association sponsors activities and outreach programs to help raise awareness about the importance of good oral health in young children. Why Your Child’s Teeth Matter Many parents … Continue reading

Make a Resolution You Can Stick To: A Happy Mouth in 2014

The wonderful thing about fixing your teeth is that it’s not just about fixing your teeth. It’s about so much more. It’s about your self-esteem. It’s about that new job or office promotion. And it’s about meeting that special someone … Continue reading

Ten-Yard Penalty for Roughing the Molars: Football Food and Your Teeth

For many sports fans, the best part of the holiday season is the bowl games. And even better than the bowl games are the snacks. Cindy Flanagan, DDS has you covered. We’ve included a list of all the upcoming games so you don’t … Continue reading

Warmest Christmas Wishes From The Cindy Flanagan, DDS Team

Dear Friends, Our hearts are filled with gratitude and excitement as we write this holiday letter. It has been a wonderful year, and we have much to reflect on and be thankful for. Once again, we recently concluded our participation in Operation Gratitude right … Continue reading

Yes, Even Santa Claus and the Elves Brush their Teeth

Dear Cindy Flanagan, DDS I am 8 years old. Some of my friends say Santa Claus and the elves do not brush their teeth because they’re magical and don’t have to. So please tell me the truth. Does Santa brush … Continue reading

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

December 14th is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. When you’re doing the holiday baking, try something a little different this year. Veer away from the sugar cookies and gingerbread. Instead, try dipping something in chocolate. Dentists like to eat fun … Continue reading

Travel Wise and Travel-Size Tips for Your Teeth

Are you planning on traveling over the holiday season? It doesn’t matter what distance you’re going. It could be anywhere from a one night stay-over to an extravagant trip to the other side of the planet – either way, make … Continue reading