Top 6 Tooth-tastic Halloween Costumes

Top X Tooth-tastic Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! This whimsical holiday offers a great opportunity to have fun with your family and friends. Of course, excessive candy consumption could also lead to cavities—and no one wants to deal with an eerie, yellowed smile or the fright of restorative treatment! At Dr. Cindy Flanagan’s Houston practice, we want our patients to enjoy Halloween festivities without the dental downfall. Last year, we gave our tips for preserving your oral health amidst the barrage of spooky sweets you’re sure to be faced with. However, there’s much more to Halloween than just candy. In the following blog, we cover our favorite six tooth-tastic costumes so you can celebrate your smile and this holiday all at once!

1. The Tooth Fairy

This is probably the most popular dental-related Halloween costume out there, and for good reason! The tooth fairy is a fun look for adults and children alike. In addition, dressing up as this mythical figure can help inspire your kids to take better care of their teeth and even get excited about losing them. An added bonus for this particular costume is that it’s infinitely customizable—you can pick out the fabric, color, wand, wings, and other elements you’d like. Just make sure you’ve got coins to exchange for pearly whites! For inspiration, check out Lauren Conrad’s take, this more conventional costume, or even a kookier men’s version for dad.

2. Dentist

Why not honor your favorite doctor this Halloween by donning a dentist ensemble? Playing this role could help your little one get more comfortable with the idea of coming in for his or her biannual checkups (and perhaps provide a new career aspiration!). There are plenty of affordable options out there, like this boys’ dentist attire for under $15!

3. Molar

You could spend this Halloween as a clean, shiny molar. There are plenty of costume options out there, ranging from this Mr. Molar Adult Tooth ensemble to this more cartoonish tooth outfit.

4. Loose Tooth

Baby costumes are always adorable. This Halloween, you could dress up your tiny tot as a cute loose tooth. Check out the California Dental Association’s Pinterest post to get ideas.

5. Toothbrush

It can be fun and playful to dress up as household objects, and what could be more important than your trusty toothbrush? For example, women can look cute and clean this Halloween in this Sparkle Adult Toothbrush Costume. Of course, you could always fashion your own versions at home with some cardboard, cloth, and creativity. This Canadian mom made three tooth-related costumes (including a toothbrush) for under $10!

6. Toothpaste

As we all know, a toothbrush would be useless without its paste! Check out this detailed beauty, complete with cap hat.

Couple Up!

Some of the best Halloween costumes come as sets. To have more fun with your dental ensembles, you can couple up—mom dressed as the tooth fairy might tote around her little “loose tooth,” while a toothbrush and toothpaste might pair up. A dentist and molar might go together quite well, too. Your options are limitless!

Accessorize Your Ensemble

Fun accoutrements can make or break your dental Halloween costume. For example, you might grab a giant toothbrush to carry around with you, or crown your head with a handmade headband like this one, posted on Pinterest. Of course, we’d also recommend bringing water, xylitol gum (which naturally fights cavities), and, if you’re particularly ambitious, even a toothbrush with you to your Halloween events, since these can all help you maintain your smile.

Play Dental Dress-Up This Halloween

Are you ready to show your tooth-related pride!? Contact our Clear Lake City dental practice today to learn more of our Halloween suggestions or schedule your next appointment.

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