Get ready for a new smile perspective.

What's your reason? We've all got one. It's the reason why you're looking for a Clear Lake dentist.

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Experience Innovative Dentistry in Clear Lake

Maybe you’re…

  • Trying to find regular, consistent dental care you can trust
  • New to Houston’s Bay Area and need a new Clear Lake dentist
  • Apprehensive about dental care due to past experiences
  • Wondering why convenient care is so elusive
  • Feeling embarrassed because your last dental appointment was ages ago
  • Frustrated because your current dentist is retiring and now you need someone new

Whatever your reason, it’s okay to make today the day you choose Cindy T. Flanagan, DDS for advanced dentistry in Clear Lake. We make it easy to stop the endless searching and questioning of family and friends about who they choose for dental care.

Cindy T. Flanagan, DDS

Paying Attention with Intention

Listening to you is one of the many things we take seriously and do every time you visit our office. No other Clear Lake dentist will devote more one-on-one time with you, thoroughly and consistently focusing on your needs.

Together, we can help you achieve ideal oral and overall health based on custom solutions. Because we don’t just care for your smile, Dr. Flanagan also has your back. Our entire team won’t stop until you’re feeling as healthy and happy as we all deserve to be.

Remarkable General Dentistry in Clear Lake (and more)

Confidence and gratitude. A more positive outlook on life. Doesn’t this all sound nice? These are some of the real-life reactions patients like you have every day following their exceptional care from Dr. Flanagan.

We aim to avoid issues you may have experienced with other dentists such as overtreatment and misdiagnosis’, leading to costly, unnecessary treatments.

Our patients aren’t pocketbooks; they’re real people with unique dental and health needs. We’re a Clear Lake dentist who can do it all, under one roof, conveniently located in the Bay Area, offering:

  • Comprehensive exams and treatment plans
  • Gentle teeth cleanings with ultrasonic technology
  • Astonishing teeth whitening results for a brighter smile
  • Pioneering Invisalign® teeth straightening results with clear aligners
Cindy T. Flanagan, DDS
Cindy T. Flanagan, DDS

We're listening

If you’re someone who’s always felt like the dentist never actually listened to you or tried to truly understand your needs, you’ll want to meet Dr. Flanagan. She makes it easy and comfortable for you to ask questions and have a dialogue to empower you to become an advocate for your own oral and overall health.