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Dental Services

Clear Lake Dental Care for Every Kind of Smile

Your health is important, not just in your mouth but your entire body. The connections between the two are becoming more inherent as scientists continue to move forward with dental research. Our dental services in Clear Lake derive from a deep dedication to helping people. It seems so simple, yet when your oral and overall health is at stake, it can have a life-changing effect. By taking care of your smile with regular checkups and routine brushing and flossing, you’re giving your body the ability to reduce your risk for not only cavities but:

Cindy T. Flanagan, DDS
Heart Disease

Cindy T. Flanagan, DDS

Cindy T. Flanagan, DDS
Premature Birth

You need a partner, a dental professional you can trust to only recommend treatments you need to improve your health, not something that’s simply a quick fix. At Cindy T. Flanagan, DDS, we provide a more personal, more comprehensive level of Clear Lake dental care that caters to everyone from small families to singles new to the Bay Area in need of a dentist. Our treatment options are tailored to meet your every need, no matter what your age.

Preserve Your Natural Smile, Preserve Your Life

We want to do everything possible to prevent disease, practicing conservative dentistry that focuses on preserving your natural teeth. Studies show that significant health concerns can be avoided through optimal dental health, so that’s why Dr. Flanagan and her team keep your treatment custom-tailored. Your whole body health plays an important part in how we diagnose and create a custom course of treatment for you or someone in your family.

Some of our sought after, highly-skilled dental services in Clear Lake include:

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Achieving optimal oral health means you’re more likely to experience an overall sense of wellbeing. We want your time with us to always be comfortable, positive, and rewarding.